Facts Answers Questions

How does booking work?

Click the “dinner party packages” button at the top of the page and select the dinner that includes your number of guests. There are 11 packages you can choose from or you can email us to Customize your dining experience. Enter your payment detail and complete your booking. You should receive your booking confirmation and our team will contact you for your desired location and add ons. Need a table? Custom cake for your birthday? Simply send us a message on the "contact" tab.

How do I book?

Please place all bookings through our website at www.3chalices.com and select the “Book” button.

What if I have an emergency and need to cancel?

we provide an opportunity to reschedule the dinner party or receive a dinner credit for up to a year. unfortunately, we do not offer refunds at this time.

Can I choose my own dinner party aesthetics?

3 chalices team has a talent for creating a beautiful ambiance and tablescape. We strive to make every dinner party picture perfect. If you have colors you desire or suggestions, please email them to us at evan@3chalices.com and we will try to incorporate them. All tablescapes are seasonal and hand-selected by our team.

How are all utensils, cups, etc. sterilized?

your safety is our priority. Gloves and masks are worn by the 3 chalices team at all times. All flatware and stemware are properly sterilized.

Where does the dinner party take place?

your in-home dinner party will be hosted at your home or event space you've selected.

Where is the food prepared?

food is purchased from local farmers to guarantee freshness and prepared at your home or event space.

Do you provide beverages and ice?

yes, we provide handpicked wines, sparkling or stilled water.